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Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”

57 days and 4+ hours until opening day of the regular season. You would know this if you had visitied the new and improved webpage. For all you new officials you will find the Officiating Portfolio that has been discussed in the Summer Clinic. I will also be sending this out as an attachment. The Preseason Guides will also be sent as an attachment and not on the webpage due to Copyright issues. I will be sending the 2018 Guide shortly.

Be sure to visit the site often for any new developments or information.
I am Super Charged and ready for Football to start.
I am filling some slots on crews and am in discussion with the white hats about all the individuals. Officials placed on crews are selected after discussing with the white hat and their crew to see if that placement would be the best alternative for that individual crew.
Please be getting yourself physically and mentally ready for the season (I include myself in that statement), as it takes time to acclimate yourself to the heat…if you are not used to being outside for any extended time.
First email of the day:
Dues and if you plan to work this year
If you do not plan to return this year to officiate…PLEASE extend the common courtesy of letting me know.

Also CKFOA dues are $50.00 until July 1st...after that date the dues will be $75.00 (Per CKFOA Policy Board).  Dues should be sent either through the mail to David Cornelius or the much simpler method of PayPay. Be sure to send “Friends and Family” so a fee will not be taken out. The PayPal account is

It is 57 Days and 4 hours+ (At the time I sent this email) until the opening day of the Regular Season…you would know this if you had taken the time to visit the new and improved webpage.