New Officials

Welcome to the CKFOA! This page is designed specifically to give new officials the information they need to be successful on the field.

Steps for Licensing and Paying Dues

  1. Register with the KHSAA
  2. Contact CKFOA Assigning Secretary Keith Morgan to inform him you’d like to join the CKFOA
  3. Pay CKFOA membership dues
  4. Pass the NFHS Part I rules exam

Once you’ve completed all of the above, you’re ready to take the field!

Uniform and Equipment

You’ll want to make sure to pick up the gear and equipment you need.


  • Black football officiating pants with a white stripe of not more than 1 1/4 inches worn in varsity contests
    • Black shorts may be worn during non-varsity contests
  • Black and white shirt with 2” vertical stripes, short or long-sleeved shirt (with pocket) with embroidered or sublimated KHSAA logo over the heart
  • Black athletic socks when wearing black officiating pants;
  • Black leather belt (no baseball-style stretch belts);
  • Baseball-type cap. The Referee should wear a white hat with embroidered KHSAA logo as per specifications to vendors. All other officials should wear a black hat with white piping with embroidered KHSAA logo as per specifications to vendors;
  • Black football shoes with black shoelaces;


  • Penalty flags (recommend carrying two)
  • Beanbags (recommend purchasing a black and a blue)
  • Scorecard
  • Pencil/pen
  • Radio (most officials use Midland radios)
  • Radio earpiece (Midland brand)
  • Down indicator

Officials Reselling Used Gear

Eric Hamelback is selling the following gear. Please contact him for any questions or offers (number available in Arbiter):
1. Two (2) short sleeve shirts, size 2XL, at $10 each, OBO.  Both in good shape.
2. One long sleeve shirt, size 2XL at $15.00 OBO. In good shape.
3. Uniform pants without KHSAA logo, size 38 waist in great shape at $15.00, OBO.
4. Solid black Ump Attire officiating shorts, size 38 waist in great shape. $15.00, OBO.
5. Size 13EE New Balance turf shoes, leather. Very lightly worn, $20.00, OBO
6. Size 13EE Nike turf shoes.  Worn one season, $20.00, OBO
7.  Inquires welcome for extra bean bags, down indicators, gloves, Under Armor waist strapped hand warmer, hat and other accessories.


Check the training videos page to get started with training. This page will be updated soon with more training tips.

New Official’s Meetings

Check back here soon for a listing of meetings for new CKFOA members.