Training Videos

2023- Training Video from YouTube:







From IHSA Football Focus – New Rules

Football Focus Series



Legal vs Illegal Contact- Mark Andrews





2022 In Season – training videos











2022-  NFHS rules changes:


2021- Pass Interference



2021- Defenseless Players

2021- Blindside Blocks

2021- Blocking below the Waist- YouTube

2021- illegal blocks-YouTube

2021 Intentional Grounding- YouTube

2021 Ineligible downfield-YouTube

2021 Pylon Plays Mechanics – YouTube

40/25 Play Clock Videos:

7-man Mechanics

2019 Week 1 Video:

Pre Snap Progression:

2019-Instructional Series Chain Crew Instructions

Moving Chains Between Quarters



Bill LeMonnier’s Best Practice of Officiating for HS football 2019 Judgement Preview

Take Back the Sidelines!!!!

All But One Principal NFHS Football Rules

2018- AAHSO video -week 2 Pop up kicks, Helmet off, Game Mgmt.