Football Rules Changes – 2022

By NFHS on February 17, 2022

1-2-3g NOTES 3. (NEW): Team Box May Be Extended By State Association Adoption
By state association adoption, the team box may now be extended beyond the 25-yard line.

1-3-3: Ball May Be Changed Between Downs
Any game official may order the ball changed between downs.

1-4-3: The Number “0” Is Now Legal
The single digit number “0” is now a legal number.

2-3-8: A Chop Block Has Been Redefined
A chop block has been redefined as an illegal combination block where contact is made above and below the waist.

3-4-7: Clarified The Offended Team’s Game Clock Options
Clarified the offended team’s game clock options following a foul committed with less than two minutes remaining in either half.

3-6-1a(1)e EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception To The Play Clock Administration
Added a new exception to the play clock administration following a foul committed only by the defensive team.

7-5-2 EXCEPTION 2. (NEW): Added A New Exception For The Passer
Added a new exception that allows the passer to legally throw the ball away to conserve yardage.


2-28-2; 5-2-4; 6-2-6; 10-2-2; 10-2-3; FOOTBALL FUNDAMENTALS – VII-2, X-3-E; RESOLVING TIED GAMES – 5-1-1, 8-3; NINE-, EIGHT- AND SIX-PLAYER RULES DIFFERENCES – RULE 2 and 7


  1. Targeting / Defenseless Player
  2. Legal Uniforms and Equipment
  3. Sportsmanship