Updated on 6-17-2020:

Keith Morgan emailed out that he was not going to have his summer meeting and the CKFOA board approved removing that for post season eligibility for the 2020 season.  The board also approved to allow virtual meetings for this year.  Meeting credit will only be given for those who join within the first 15 minutes of the start of the meeting and stay logged in until the end. 

In person meetings are subject to change to virtual depending on the guidelines for assembly.


The planned meeting dates Keith announced are:

July 20th – Monday – Zoom
July 27th – Monday -Zoom (break out by positions)
August 3rd – Monday – In Person (Location TBA)
August 10th – Monday – In Person (Location TBA)
August 17th – Monday – Zoom
August 24th – Monday – Zoom
September 1st – Tuesday – Zoom
September 23rd – Wednesday – Zoom
October 14th – Wednesday – Zoom
November 2nd – Monday – Banquet