and ready to go…

…Had a wonderful trip and now ready to get this party started with football. Got a couple of pressing issues that I want to address ….

I sent out an email about a 7 on 7 tournament at Woodford County. I don’t like to assign these simply because I don’t know how they are all run, and have no idea what would be proper compensation for your time. There have been a couple that have told me that they want to work…but again I don’t know how many officials would be needed for the day and what times you all would want to work…..SO here is what I am going to suggest. If you are interested in doing this….I believe that $25 a game for 2 officials on each field would be fair, but you will need to contact Coach Johnson DIRECTLY. (859) 684-1611 or This is happening this Saturday the 14th and here is the last email I received from Coach Johnson.
” Keith, I hope all is well.  Will you be able to find officials for out 7/7 tournament on July 14th.  The tourney will start at 9 am at our stadium.  There are 20 teams coming.  The teams will get 3 pool play games and then a single elimination tournament starting at 1:30 pm.  We will have a  hospitality room for the officials from 12-1 pm.  Please let me know what you were able to find some guys.
I am going to try to make it up for part of the day … But more than that…this is a great opportunity for new and old officials to get to know coaches on a more relaxed setting and to let them see you in a different light. Please….as a favor to me….let’s get enough officials to get this covered. Even if you can only go for a couple of games.
….. I will go back through all the emails and text that I have received to try to get caught up, but if I miss something…please remind me.
I am still trying to fill slots that have opened up and have made some suggestions to white hats in need of filling those slots. There are a couple of less experienced guys that I would like to give an opportunity, but from the last roster check with dues not being paid, not attended one of the Summer Clinics or have even relicensed….I don’t know if some of these younger or less experienced officials are coming back. I will have the slots filled by this week end one way or the other. The good news is that there have been a couple of officials that are moving in from other regions that I can put to work immediately.
When I get the updated roster with current officiating status from David Cornelius tomorrow. If you have not paid your dues and/or not relicensed, attended one of the Summer Clinics or have told me that you are coming to the make up clinic (July 21st 10:00 at North Laurel High School) I am going to consider you inactive and if necessary fill your slot on the crew. I hate that it has come to this, but if you can not take care of the little things…there is someone out there that will. Some of you may receive this email and have told me that you are not officiating this year. I will update this when I go back through my emails and text.
College Officials…most of you have sent me your open dates and I thank you for this.
We will talk more about the 7-man games in the first meeting and what we can do to make sure all deep officials will meet the requirement to be eligible for the postseason.This will involve actual seven man assignments on some Fridays or even volunteering on a Friday that you may be open on a Friday that we don’t have a full complement of games (especially on the early Friday/Saturday dates) I am going to request all our Bowl Games be seven man…we will see how that works out.
I will be assigning scrimmages and I will get these on paper as soon as I get them. I have several already to be assigned and I will give out those dates this weekend.
PLEASE CONTACT Coach Johnson about this weekend if you can help out.
I am really excited about this season…even to the point of coming out on the field on Friday night…every opportunity that I can…even if it is to volunteer for a seven man crew….
….. Like I said earlier…let’s get this party started.