This is a reminder that the on field meeting will be at Lexington Christian Academy Stadium beginning at 6:30. LCA will be finishing up practice by 7:00, so we will meet first in the bleachers on the visitor’s side of the field for the purpose of signing in and to go over some items before we break out into our groups.

Joe Stephan and Brandon Shields will lead the discussion in the Referee/Umpire Group. I will lead the discussion with the Wings/Back Judge group with assistance when needed. All first year officials need to be in the Wings/BJ Group unless I have indicated differently.

Dress for comfort, and you will not need to be in any type of uniform or bring any equipment. The on field instruction will be centered on MECHANICS. If you have any questions…please ask. The faster you master the mechanics of officiating…the faster you will advance in officiating. Good judgment and feel for the game will separate you from the pack, and sound mechanics puts you in the best position to make accurate judgments. You must also study the rules as written, but also need to understand the “spirit” of the rule.  Please take the time to go to our website and under “The Assignor’s Corner” and check out the 16 Unwritten Rules of Officiating

It is now loaded on the website under the “Official’s Resources” You will now have an electronic copy of the NFHS 2018-2019 Official’s Manual. Many of you have a hard copy, but many don’t. This is the Manual that new and old officials should study in depth; as it covers both 5 and 4 – man Mechanics. Just like the 7-man Mechanics Manual on the website…how you move on the field will tell me just how much time that you have invested in learning the proper mechanics. Young guys that want to progress quickly…master the Mechanics Manual and really study Rule 2 Definitions of Playing Terms

Association Dues: This is the week 3 Meeting, so all new members and/or first year officials this is your last opportunity to only have to pay the Standard Association Fee of $50.00. After tomorrow you will have to pay the $25.00 late fee that several of the returning officials are going to have to pay to be current with the Association.

First Year Officials: If you have not completed the Part 1 exam you are not officially licensed and I can’t assign you to any games. With scrimmages coming up this week…You can come observe, but I can’t let you on the field. Plus I am going to assign the first two weeks of the regular season this week, so you will miss out on those opportunities. When you do pass the exam…SEND ME A TEXT.

Photos on Arbiter…Please add one if you have not already done so. I don’t care if they come out sideways. There I can’t help you…I tried to change mine, and the one’s I wanted to use came out sideways. The picture I loaded as Yosemite Sam loaded properly, so I don’t know what is wrong. So if you have an idea of how to correct that…please share it with me. I even tried to rotate the picture before I loaded, but it still came out the same way.

Online KHSAA Clinic is now open to view. Remember this is part of Post Season eligibility.

Sign up for ArbiterPay – If you don’t sign up…schools that use ArbiterPay can not pay you.

I need a copy of the Conflict of Interest Form. Even if you have no conflicts. Eddie and Greg are working on an electronic copy that you can send me. TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR ME RIGHT NOW. If you have a conflict please text me, so I will know before beginning any assignments. Reminder to Fayette County employees…You can’t work for any of the Public Schools in Fayette County. If this has changed…please let me know. I just need a hard copy by the time the season starts to protect all of us. New officials be sure to list as a conflict the High School you graduated from if they are a school that I assign games, but only if it has been fewer than 5 years since graduation.

Prospective Officials – If you have decided that you no longer want to officiate football…Please send me a text, so I can clean up the roster.

Let’s get into officiating mode…the season is upon us.

P.S. If you are not using the CKFOA.ORG Website on a regular basis…your are a______ I will let you fill in the blank, because it will show up on the field.