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Keith’s email about new 8 team Frosh/JV Conference and Schedule

Here is what I received for the 9th/JV Conference for the 8 teams listed.. The only correction is that Boyle County will also only be playing 6 minute quarters. Please take note of the overtime procedure….it is definitely different.



———- Forwarded message ———
From: Buchanan, David <david.buchanan@mercer.kyschools.us>
Date: Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 9:15 AM
Subject: Re: 2018 Frosh/JV Conference Schedule- complete
To: Miller, Don <don.miller@franklin.kyschools.us>, James, Eddie <eddie.james@franklin.kyschools.us>, Peach, Mark <mark.peach@anderson.kyschools.us>, Smith, Chuck <chuck.smith@boyle.kyschools.us>, Leffew, Bobby <bobby.leffew@boyle.kyschools.us>, Keith Morgan <ckfoa.assignor@gmail.com>, <spencer.crutchfield@lincoln.kyschools.us>
Cc: Robinson, Anna – Mercer <anna.robinson@mercer.kyschools.us>, Riley, Casey – Mercer <casey.riley@mercer.kyschools.us>, Harris, William – Mercer <william.harris@mercer.kyschools.us>, Rowland, Brian – Mercer <brian.rowland@mercer.kyschools.us>, Cox, Charlie – Mercer <charlie.cox@mercer.kyschools.us>, Heasley, Graham – Mercer <graham.heasley@mercer.kyschools.us>, Mark Huffman <mark.w.huffman@gmail.com>, Smith, Donald – Mercer <donald.smith@mercer.kyschools.us>, Painter, Joshua – Mercer <joshua.painter@mercer.kyschools.us>, Brian Sims <simsbs@live.com>
We start our conference play next Monday!  If for some reason you cannot field a freshmen team that week, etc. Please let the other program know ASAP.
We will play frosh/jv doubleheaders every Monday, but with only 6 minute quarters.  Boyle prefers 8 minute JV quarters, so that is something you would have to work out with them. 
We prefer the 6 minute quarters and always play that because that way all of  your guys can play all three games that week.  And, you have freshmen playing versus freshmen. Our JV was the sophomores and juniors that do not start along with our freshmen.
Labor Day is off. The standings are combined records from Frosh & JV games.
1- All games begin at 6:00, other than Boyle which starts at 6:30.
2- Host team takes care of officials. 
3- Any tiebreakers will be broken first by head to head competition, then by the defense that has given up the fewest points in conference games, and if necessary by coin toss.
4- If we use a sophomore in a frosh game, for purposes of seeding, etc. the game is a forfeit.
5- On Monday night, as soon as both of your games are offer, please text or email me your scores(606-407-3708 so I can get out the standings the next day.
– If we choose to use varsity starters on a different side of the ball, etc. for whatever reason, communicate that to the opposing head coach so that we know what to expect, etc. If that week, a team can only play one game, it is a combined game, and the team that could not field a frosh team takes a 0-1 loss for the purpose of conference standings. 
**Conference tiebreaker for a game- 2 point conversion: 
Captains meet at midfield for the coin toss. Winner chooses O, D, or the end of field to be played. 
If the offense scores, that team wins. If the offense does not score, the team on defense wins. For scoring purposes, the 2 point play will be one point.
-This takes care of ties for conference standings but gets our kids on the bus and on the way home on a school night as well as protect their bodies as opposed to playing several more plays before a week of practice.
Home Away Home Away Home Away
20-Aug Lincoln Boyle Anderson Mercer W. Hills Franklin
27-Aug Mercer W. Hills Boyle Anderson Franklin Lincoln
10-Sep Franklin Boyle Lincoln Mercer W. Hills Anderson
17-Sep Lincoln Anderson Franklin Mercer Boyle W. Hills
24-Sep Anderson Franklin W. Hills Lincoln Mercer Boyle
1-Oct Boyle Lincoln Mercer Anderson Franklin W. Hills
8-Oct W. Hills Mercer Anderson Boyle Lincoln Franklin
15-Oct Boyle Franklin Mercer Lincoln Anderson W. Hills
22-Oct Championship Monday
Football numbers are down across the country. This conference is vital to the future of the game in our area. Our young guys must get a chance to develop and PLAY. Thank you for being a part of this. Our individual programs benefit, but collectively, the game of FOOTBALL benefits and continues to help guys grow up into YOUNG MEN!


Summer Make-up Clinic Saturday July 21st at 10am- North Laurel HS

Make up Summer Clinic will be this Saturday the 21st at North Laurel High School starting at 10:00. Should be completed a little after 12:00.

I have had several contact me about attending, but what I would like is for everyone that plans on attending to email or text me, so I can see who is coming. This way I can make a list that I can send out and get each of the ones coming in contact with each other and come down in groups….instead of everyone driving separately. Plus this is going to be a makeup meeting for the 13th Region.
Our first regular season meeting will be Monday the 23rd at 6:00 in the Auditorium at Frederick Douglass High School.

Correction on First Meeting

I will be sending out some information prior to the first meeting. Please…if you have not done so check out the CKFOA website.

Barbasol Championship – Volunteer Info

From Brooks Downing:

Jimmy –

Many thanks to forwarding this email to the CKFOA membership. As you know, I served as an official with the CKFOA from 1984-95. I also worked in the Mid South, and my last game was serving on a crew comprised of George Lusby, Julian Tackett, Rick Day and others working the 1995 NAIA National Championship game in Oklahoma. And honestly, here 20+ years later, I miss those Friday nights more than I can share.

As we discussed, I’m now own and manage an events company, and we’re proud to be bringing the Barbasol Championship to Central Kentucky, the state’s only PGA TOUR event, July 16-22 at Champions at Keene Trace near the Jessamine County/Fayette County line.

We are looking for as many as 1,000 volunteers, and to date, we’ve signed up about 700 volunteers. I’ve attached a one-pager and I’m hoping that there may be a contingency of officials who would like to work our tournament.

At the end of the day, this is a charity event. We are set to raise significant funds ($300,000+) here in year one for Kentucky-based charities, but we need a few more folks to help us reach our staffing goals. Please note, you don’t have to be a golfer, or a golf fan, to make an impact. There are plenty of jobs to go around!

Any help the CKFOA can provide by circulating the attached document would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!


Keith’s emails from June 21st

Latest email:

Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story”

57 days and 4+ hours until opening day of the regular season. You would know this if you had visitied the new and improved ckfoa.org webpage. For all you new officials you will find the Officiating Portfolio that has been discussed in the Summer Clinic. I will also be sending this out as an attachment. The Preseason Guides will also be sent as an attachment and not on the webpage due to Copyright issues. I will be sending the 2018 Guide shortly.

Be sure to visit the ckfoa.org site often for any new developments or information.
I am Super Charged and ready for Football to start.
I am filling some slots on crews and am in discussion with the white hats about all the individuals. Officials placed on crews are selected after discussing with the white hat and their crew to see if that placement would be the best alternative for that individual crew.
Please be getting yourself physically and mentally ready for the season (I include myself in that statement), as it takes time to acclimate yourself to the heat…if you are not used to being outside for any extended time.
First email of the day:
Dues and if you plan to work this year
If you do not plan to return this year to officiate…PLEASE extend the common courtesy of letting me know.

Also CKFOA dues are $50.00 until July 1st...after that date the dues will be $75.00 (Per CKFOA Policy Board).  Dues should be sent either through the mail to David Cornelius or the much simpler method of PayPay. Be sure to send “Friends and Family” so a fee will not be taken out. The PayPal account is dcmcins@bellsouth.net

It is 57 Days and 4 hours+ (At the time I sent this email) until the opening day of the Regular Season…you would know this if you had taken the time to visit the new and improved ckfoa.org webpage.