Finished filling the slots that I had….and a couple more that I made with 7-man. I will keep putting 7-man games in with the schools, but not to have just not bodies on the field, but people that can work the positions…especially deep wings (screw up something as a deep wing will probably keep you out of consideration for deep wing. 7-man is all about mechanics and not just standing around. These first couple of weeks have me experimenting with different combinations, so if I put you at a deep wing I am expecting you to know the mechanics.

The next 2 meetings will deal with nothing but 7-man mechanics. Please take these next 2 meeting serious and not be one of those that once they reach the required number of meetings…I don’t see you again unless on the field or the banquet. I will use the attendance the next 2 meetings to determine how hard I am going to push for as many 7-man games that I can get away with.

Next meeting will be at Frederick Douglass August 19th at 6:30 (Auditorium)