Just a reminder that the make-up Summer Clinic is this Saturday July 10th , and will be virtual. I will be sending out the link for the meeting to all the people that have not been to one of the first two Clinics. If you have not attended and don’t receive an email from my personal email account (…please contact me so I can send you an invite. The meeting will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. (I will open the link at 9:45 a.m.) The meeting will end when I get the information that I passed on in the first 2 Clinics…don’t know if it will be faster or slower since this is virtual, but plan on at least until noon…probably a little after. Also to get full credit for attendance you will be required to stay after the first regular season meeting to go over what what discussed in the on-field portion of the clinic…this should be no more than 45 minutes.

  • The first regular season meeting will be on July 19th at 6:00. The location will be sent out; as we are still navigating through lingering Covid restrictions. Please make every effort to attend the first meeting since we will have a mix of in-person and virtual meetings.


  • DUES: There are several that have not paid their dues…please take care of this as soon as possible.


  • I will be scheduling the scrimmages that I have been given by this weekend, and hope to have the first two weeks of the regular season schedule soon after the first regular season meeting, so it is imperative that you make sure that you are in good standing with the CKFOA. I can’t assign you anything if you are not in good standing.


  • Our numbers seem to be trending lower than last year, so it is very important to have as much availability as possible, especially for our Middle School games on Thursday’s.


  • Arbiter is open for you to block dates, but as stated…our numbers are trending lower, so please keep the blocked dates to a minimum.


  • All new officials or officials that have not been assigned to a crew and want to get field experience and notice from me and/or other veterans should make every effort to attend as many scrimmages as they can to observe and participate under the guidance of veteran officials. I know that the first scrimmage that I will attend is August 5th at West Jessamine (7:00) and then will split time on the 6th at two Lexington Schools.


  • Be an active recruiter for new officials. Sports officiating across the country is seeing lower numbers in all sports. Current officials are the best recruiters, so please get out and beat the bushes for new blood.

Last season was a very difficult season on everyone, and I hope that this season will bring us back to some sense of normalcy. Thank you all for the support in the past.